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UCAR Community Programs

Grand Opening of New National Water Center in Tuscaloosa

The ribbon-cutting ceremony marking the grand opening of the new National Water Center (NWC) took place on May 26, 2015. The NWC, located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is the country’s first facility dedicated to water forecasts, research, and collaboration across federal water science and management agencies.
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NWC Grand Opening Ceremony

UCAR Named a Smithsonian Institution Affiliate

UCAR, which provides unique exhibits on weather and climate, has been accepted to join a leading group of national museum and cultural organizations as an Affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution. The affiliation establishes a long-term collaborative partnership between the two institutions.
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Student works with Hurricane display.

Marine Mammal Health

The JOSS Program, through a Cooperative Agreement with NOAA’s Marine Mammal Health and Stranding Response Program, is providing assistance to help save the critically endangered Hawaiian monk seal – with fewer than 1,100 remaining in the Hawaiian Islands. 
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Endangered monk seals on beach

Scientists Simulate Gravity Waves Propagating Toward Space

Thanks to a model simulation created using a high-resolution version of the Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model (WACCM), scientists have found a way to "watch" the propagation of gravity waves toward space—and the view is captivating.
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Gravity wave simulation

GLOBE Program Salutes Schools Making the “Data Count”

In celebration of Earth Day 2015, and GLOBE's 20th Anniversary, more than 240 schools answered the call to not just count the data, but to make the data count. More than 160,000 measurements were added to the GLOBE database during the Data Entry Challenge that took place over Earth Week (20-24 April).
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Students checking scientific data.

GPS Station Debuts in Cuba

A collaborative five-year project of UCAR and UNAVCO to establish a network of Global Positioning System and surface meteorology instrumentation (known as GPS/MET) marks a historic milestone with the installation of a GPS receiver in Camaguey, Cuba.
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Celebrating the GPS station in Camaguey, Cuba.


Poster containing different rectangles with text and images

COMET is a world leader in training and education for environmental professionals.

Graphic of satellites above earth

COSMIC develops innovative observational techniques and applications that use signals from Global Navigation Sarellite Systems (GNSS).

DLS logo

Digital Learning Sciences is a partnership between the University of Colorado and UCAR that is dedicated to improving learning through the use of digital content and tools.

Photo of a group of people standing in front of road signs, holding a flag

The GLOBE program is a worldwide hands-on, primary and secondary school-based science and education program.

Photo of heavy equipment onboard an ocean vessel

The Joint Office for Science Suppport is a team of administrative and technical specialists that support the international science community in a wide variety of ways.

People standing around a woman holding a large white balloon

UCAR Center for Science Education is the education and public outreach program, providing professional expertise and service to UCAR and NCAR scientists.

Color visualization in red, blue and yellow against a gray map

Unidata's mission is to transform the geoscience research and education community by providing innovative data services and tools.

Two people with scientific instrument on a boat on river

The Visiting Scientist Programs supports effective fellowship, visitor and workshop programs that meet emerging training and research needs.


About UCP

The UCAR Community Programs provide innovative resources, tools, and services in support of the research and education goals of the atmospheric and Earth system sciences community.

A major focus for UCP is making sure the science from NCAR and UCAR institutions is translated in novel ways to a variety of audiences and stakeholders.

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