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UCAR Community Programs

Chlorine Makes a Comeback

Circulation slowdown allows ozone-destroying chemical to rebuild in Northern Hemisphere

New study finds that concentrations of hydrogen chloride (HCl) have increased by several percent over much of the Northern Hemisphere since 2007.

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Computer model graphic of globe showing arctic

Burning Questions About Winter Cold

Debate continues on what’s causing the midlatitude chill

Old Man Winter seems to have gone maverick in the Northern Hemisphere over the last few years. 2014 is on track to be the warmest globally in more than a century of record-keeping.

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Will Climate Change Shift Renewable Energy Resources?

Scientists map future wind, solar availability

To help provide guidance to utilities, scientists at the NCAR and the NREL have produced maps that show how wind speeds and solar irradiance may evolve by 2060 across the continental United States.

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High-End Weather Modeling, Hour by Hour

New weather-service system has NCAR roots

Founded on an NCAR-based research model, a new weather prediction system will soon be transforming how the National Weather Service simulates and predicts short-range weather threats.

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Thunderstorm moving across grassy field.

UCAR, India Join Forces on Weather Technology and Prediction

 U.S. atmospheric researchers and their counterparts in India will join forces to advance weather forecasting and technology under a new agreement between UCAR and the India Ministry of Earth Sciences.

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Young man in India walking through a field.

Where's the Atmosphere's Self-Cleaning Power?

In a surprising new finding that could alter how scientists quantify emissions of certain pollutants, a new study in Nature concludes that the self-cleaning power of the atmosphere does not differ substantially between the northern and southern hemispheres.

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View of the sunset from the wing of a jet.

UCP Programs

Poster containing different rectangles with text and images

COMET is a world leader in training and education for environmental professionals.

Graphic of satellites above earth

COSMIC develops innovative observational techniques and applications that use signals from Global Navigation Sarellite Systems (GNSS).

DLS logo

Digital Learning Sciences is a partnership between the University of Colorado and UCAR that is dedicated to improving learning through the use of digital content and tools.

Photo of a group of people standing in front of road signs, holding a flag

The GLOBE program is a worldwide hands-on, primary and secondary school-based science and education program.

Photo of heavy equipment onboard an ocean vessel

The Joint Office for Science Suppport is a team of professional administrative and technical specialists that support the international science community in a wide variety of ways.

People standing around a woman holding a large white balloon

UCAR Center for Science Education is the education and public outreach program, providing professional expertise and service to UCAR and NCAR scientists.

Color visualization in red, blue and yellow against a gray map

Unidata's mission is to transform the geoscience research and education community by providing innovative data services and tools.

Two people with scientific instrument on a boat on river

The Visiting Scientist Programs supports effective fellowship, visitor and workshop programs that meet emerging training and research needs.


About UCP

The UCAR Community Programs provide innovative resources, tools, and services in support of the research and education goals of the atmospheric and Earth system sciences community.

A major focus for UCP is making sure the science from NCAR and UCAR institutions are translated in novel ways to a variety of audiences and stakeholders.

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