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Space Liaisons

Please work with your space liaison when you have questions about the move or remodel.

Marion Hammond, UCAR Liaison

Hanne Mauriello, Lead UCP Liaison

Yvonne Mondragon, Communications

Ingrid Moore, COSMIC

Pat Steinkamp, DLS

Katy Lackey, GLOBE

Gloria Kelly, OGA

Jim Menghi, JOSS

Donna Cummings, NSDL

Terry Mitchell, Unidata

Ligea Ruff, UCP Dir

Susan Baltuch, VSP

Meetings and Presentations

5 May 2011 Design Meeting Presentation

14 April 2011 Design Meeting Presentation

7 April 2011 FL4 Design Meeting Concept Plans

21 March 2011 FL4 Remodel Presentation

21 March 2011 FL4 Remodel Webcast

Our Purpose

This website is intended to provide FL4 staff with information, instructions, and documentation associated with the remodel of Foothills Lab 4

22 March Tour Photos

11.2.11 Final Finish Plans

Remodel Schedule

21 March 2011 - Town Meeting Kick-off

21 April 2011 - Schematic Design Done

9 June 2011 - Design Development Done

21 July 2011 - 95% Construction Documents Done

10 August 2011 - Move to FLA

25 August 2011 - 100% Construction Documents

6 June 2012 Return to FL4