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 Welcome to the UCAR Community Programs!

The UCAR Community Programs (UCP) are part of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) located in Boulder, Colorado. UCAR is a consortium of more than 70 universities that grant doctorate degrees in the atmospheric and related sciences. The UCAR Community Programs were created in 1992, previously known as the UCAR Office of Programs (UOP), to manage a number of unique programs requested by the UCAR community.

 Vision and Mission

Education, Service, Community Building, and Innovation are the hallmarks of the UCAR Community Programs. UCP's vision and mission are:

  • Vision. Bring Communities together to address large-scale, integrated research and education issues.

  • Mission. Provide leadership, services, and innovation in support of UCAR community education and research goals.

Focus Areas

The UCAR Community Programs primarily focus on:

  • Building and hosting community projects.
  • Providing innovative next-generation education and training services.
  • Develop and transfer technologies to meet critical societal and community needs.
  • Providing effective, state-of-the-art data services.
  • Delivering reliable and cost-effective support to meet diverse community needs.

Town Meeting Presentations

2011 UCP Town Meeting

October 2010 UCP Town Meeting

2009 UCP Town Meeting

2008 UOP Town Meeting

UCAR Community Programs - Program Overviews

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