Educators and Students

UCAR’s formal education programs combine state-of-the-art science and engineering from NCAR and our UCAR institutions with research-based best practices in curriculum development, instructional design, teacher professional development, and educational technology and evaluation -- offering a comprehensive suite of education capabilities to meet student and teacher needs.

Learn about our current programs:

The UCAR Center for Science Education (SciEd) offers wheels-to-the-ground education and outreach programs that engage people in the wonder and relevance of science.

The GLOBE Program is implemented through a worldwide network of over 24,000 primary and secondary schools, as well as many universities around the world. Through the use of the Internet, these schools monitor environmental changes both locally and worldwide, and document their findings in scientific research reports.

SOARS, part of SciEd, is an undergraduate-to-graduate program built around a summer research internship that is mentored by top scientists and a supportive learning community.

ULW, which is a part of SciEd, is a summer workshop in Boulder, CO with the purpose of informing students about exciting research and career opportunities in the atmospheric and related sciences.

UCAR Connect is a free and open collection of audience-focused and topic-driven digital resources that are accessible across all platforms and devices. It takes a novel playlist approach that is active, emergent, and responsive to the needs of UCAR’s varied audiences.

COMET/MetEd provides training and certification programs for geoscience professionals through virtual and in-person professional development programs.


About UCP

The UCAR Community Programs provide innovative resources, tools, and services in support of the research and education goals of the atmospheric and Earth system sciences community.

A major focus for UCP is making sure the science from NCAR and UCAR institutions is translated in novel ways to a variety of audiences and stakeholders.

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