Recent and Upcoming Events

Global Carbon Project Scientific Steering Committee Annual Meeting

22-24 June 2015; Oslo, Norway

26th IUGG (International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics) General Assembly

22 June – 2 July 2015; Prague, Czech Republic

2015 Climate Strategies Forum

24-26 June 2015; Washington, DC

CITES 2015 Conference

26 June - 2 July 2015; Tomsk, Russia

TFI Expert Meeting on Technical Assessment of IPCC Inventory Guidelines

29 June – 1 July 2015; Geneva, Switzerland

TGICA Expert Meeting on Decision-Centered Approaches to the Use of Climate Information

30 June – 2 July 2015; Palisades, NY

Our Common Future Under Climate Change

7-10 July 2015; Paris, France

CAFFG (CENTRAL AMERICA Flash Flood Guidance) Training

13-18 July 2015; Managua, Nicaragua

Wind River Region Climate Summary Development Workshop

14-16 July 2015; Lincoln, NE

ESIP (Earth Science Information Partner) Federation Summer 2015 Meeting

14-17 July 2015; Pacific Grove, CA 

News from JOSS Offsite Offices


CLIVAR Modeling

The U.S. Climate Variability and Predictability Program (US CLIVAR), part of U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP), is sponsoring two workshops this fall. The first workshop, “Observing & Modeling Climate Variability in the Intra-Americas Seas & Impacts on the Continental Americas & the Caribbean,” will take place from September 9 through 11 (with remote participation, and abstracts due by July 7).

CLIVAR Modeling

The second workshop, “Translating Process Understanding to Improve Climate Models,” will take place from October 15 through 16 at NOAA’s Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory in Princeton, New Jersey (with applications due by August 3). 

US Carbon Cycle Science Program

AGU Banner

The USGCRP’s US Carbon Cycle Science Program is now accepting abstracts for the “Second State of the Carbon Cycle Report (2016) – A Special Scientific Assessment of Current Status and Opportunities.” This session will be presented at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting in San Francisco, California (December 14 through 18). The deadline for all abstracts submissions is Wednesday, August 5 (23:59 EDT/03:59 +1 GMT). 


About UCP

The UCAR Community Programs provide innovative resources, tools, and services in support of the research and education goals of the atmospheric and Earth system sciences community.

A major focus for UCP is making sure the science from NCAR and UCAR institutions is translated in novel ways to a variety of audiences and stakeholders.

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