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Unidata Users Workshop

Hands-on session at the Unidata 2015 Users Workshop


Unidata’s triennial community Users Workshop was held June 22-25 in the Center Green auditorium. More than 70 community members, invited presenters, and Unidata Program Center staff spent the week sharing ideas and techniques surrounding the topics of geoscience technology, cloud computing, data management, and the place of the Python language in geoscience computing infrastructure.

Unidata 2015 Users Workshop attendees


Highlights included sessions on literacy in scientific computing, severe weather forecasting, and the integration of different types of sensors into scientific data workflows. While numerous different technologies were featured, workflows based on using the Python language were easily the most prominent. A poster session let attendees – including 11 graduate student participants – share and discuss their own scientific projects in the context of the workshop themes.

Watch the News@Unidata blog for a more complete report in the coming weeks. Video recordings of the individual sessions will be available on the workshop web site in the near future.


Unidata Program Center Welcomes Summer Intern Josh Clark

The Unidata Program Center is happy to be hosting summer intern Josh Clark. Josh graduated from the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) in the spring of 2015 with a B.S. in Meteorology, and is headed to the graduate program at San Jose State's Fire Weather Research Lab this fall.

The Unidata Summer Internships offer undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to work with Unidata software engineers and scientists on projects drawn from a wide variety of areas in the atmospheric and computational sciences.

Within a week of his arrival at the Program Center, Josh had released a version of his MesoPy project on GitHub. MesoPy is a small pure python wrapper around the MesoWest API; it can be used to retrieve meteorological data at over 40,000 observation stations in the United States and display the data in geographic context. Josh would be happy to get feedback from community users on MesoPy; see the GitHub project page for how to contact him.

For more on Josh, see Welcome Summer Intern Josh Clark.

Josh Clark


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