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Someone asked me recently where I saw the biggest changes in the UCP Directorate over the last year. All sort of things popped into my head – new people, enhanced communication, etc. What popped out of my mouth was, “We are all about the ‘Yes.’” Then I started to laugh.

This phrase, “We are all about the ‘Yes,’” is a family motto of sorts. Several years ago, as I was starting a new business and my husband was well on his way to yet another 100k /year with United, we found ourselves stretched pretty thin. As a result, whenever the kids asked to do anything, our first response was “No.” 

“Can we…?”


 “Maybe we can….”


One night, the kids, all of 8 and 10 at that time, made us dinner (bean and cheese burritos in the microwave), sat us down and said, essentially, “Enough.”  

We decided that night that we needed to change our message, because let’s face it, that “No” message is a bummer. Instead, we became all about the “Yes.” If the answer was “No,” there had to be a darn good reason, but the default answer needed to become “Yes.”

I think we are making the same transition in the UCP Directorate. I think every program in UCP has now heard more of a service message from us. What can we do for you? How can we help? At our recent UCP Directorate Retreat, we spent a fair amount of time defining our role as a service provider for UCP Programs.

Don’t get me wrong – UCP Directorate has always been known for its great service, especially around proposals. We are fast, efficient, and can handle short turn-arounds. When I came on board two years ago, this is the one thing no one wanted to change – everyone wanted us to keep our nimbleness. But being “All about the ‘Yes’” is more than fast proposals and nimbleness. As our funding landscape gets more complex, as our sponsors ask us to do more and more on less and less, our UCP Directorate service can include working efficiently with internal service departments and also advocating on behalf of our programs with external partners and stakeholders.

We want the Directorate to be your partner, with all of us working together to find the solutions you need to do your work better and more easily. Take a moment to consider what “All about the ‘Yes’” might mean for you, and for your program, and let us know how we can help. I promise that I won’t make you eat microwaved bean and cheese burritos when you come to share them!


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The UCAR Community Programs provide innovative resources, tools, and services in support of the research and education goals of the atmospheric and Earth system sciences community.

A major focus for UCP is making sure the science from NCAR and UCAR institutions is translated in novel ways to a variety of audiences and stakeholders.

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